a 22,000 sqft multi-use retail space consisting of a bakery, chocolate factory, ice cream parlor, commercial kitchen, fresh produce retail and gift shop.

Volm (1).jpg

New construction of 90,000 sqft warehouse packaging plant metal building with office. Contract was a design build

New Construction of 10,000 sqft corporate office space at airport with hangar door. Metal building with barrel roof construction. Contract was design build

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Trucks and Auto

New construction of a 11,000 sq ft auction facility and office space.

New construction of a 4,630 sq ft. office space.

Building concrete pads and infrastructure for storage of 7.1M gallons of wine.  Area consists of several acres.

 5 phase remodel of occupied admin building for financial services/bank customer. After hours work with some structural remodel.

Community First Bank.png

New construction of 3500 sqft stand-alone restaurant with drive thru. Complete civil package. Contract was design build.

1st phase of children’s theater renovation, updated HVAC and electrical as well as add storage space and parking


Construction of a 21,000 square foot Pre-engineered Metal Building for sales and service of large trucks and equipment


(In Progress)

New Construction of Audi car dealership using corporate required theme


This project consists of constructing 5500 sqft of a new showroom with 4000 sqft of remodel. Challenges on this project are ensuring customer safety while working on an occupied car dealership.